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Furmane Interview by Soulcial Entertainment
Furmane aka Prince George

Furmane aka Prince George was born in 1982 as Delonta Burnell Marbury, in Greater Southeast Hospital in Washington, DC. He was saved by grace when his 16 year old mother found $400 in the abortion clinic bathroom. He was raised by his great aunt in Fort Washington, MD, graduated from Friendly High School. His humble beginnings became a set up for his purpose but struggle was always around the corner. He became a father the same year he was accepted to college.

Furmane was introduced to poetry during his sophomore year at Johnson C. Smith University, in Charlotte, NC. He graduated with a bachelor’s of art in communications, public relations and a minor in marketing in 2005, with a 2.2 GPA and was accepted into Howard University graduate school.

In his early years, Furmane discovered his love for oldies and began to digest music from Marvin Gaye, The Dramatics, The Whispers, The Delfonics, and The Intruders. He began making music in his early twenties, under the name Prince George, he released Let’s Go in 2009 and I Have Nothing in 2010. In 2009, his story was featured in the Afro-American Press, 2009. The article featured a photo of Furmane aka Prince George on a long road, standing next to his godfather’s custom blue Bentley.

Furmane married his long-time friend, in 2000, after the birth of their son, Prince George Jr. He settled into family life and provided for his family. He lost his family through divorce after six years which led to him falling into a life of pimping and drugs such as cocaine, heroin, Molly, ecstasy pills, lean, weed, liquor, beer, and Newports.

Furmane knew early on that the typical nine to five path was not for him. His aunt and godfather poured into his life encouraging him to establish a foundation and build a traditional life after college. But he stood firm on his conviction to live an opulent lifestyle without a nine to five job. He left the comfort of a 10 acre estate owned by his godfather to live on the streets. Homeless on at least three occasions for longer than a month each time, he lived out of his car in below freezing weather and slept inside a cardboard box by the library.

His time on the street opened his heart to the community, especially after experiencing the humility of being homeless and the power of giving back. His new path began in Baltimore, MD as an independent contractor with a mortuary transport company, in Maryland, owned by his friend. The position came with a room, access to a vehicle, and the opportunity to work independently. Within two years he owned his own mortuary transportation company, picking up dead bodies for the Medical Examiner’s Office of Maryland, local funeral homes, and crematories.

However, the struggle continued for Furmane, as the rooming house he lived in was raided by the DEA. Facing homelessness yet again was more inspiration to change his path. He was inspired to be an agent of change in the community by his uncle Carlton Reed, who started the Goodman Basketball League in Barry Farms located southeast DC which hosted NBA talents i.e. Allen Iverson, Kevin Durant, Gilbert Arenas, Michael Beasley, and more.

Destined to leave a legacy, Furmane set out to secure his future by pursuing his purpose and passion for music. His vision is to build a communal living estate for his family, revitalize select communities in Baltimore, MD, and to establish a family legacy built on entrepreneurship, community, and freedom. He shares his life with his partner in crime and love, Athena Patrice Thomas, who has consistently followed the vision of an erratic man and still believes in his vision, her vision, and a vision for their entire family through the awareness of new life.

After being raised without his parents, homeless living, pimping, drugs, and losing his family, Furmane continues to build. Over the past ten years he has successfully launched four businesses including Marbury & Murphy, LLC and G & M Regalia, LLC. He is the owner of Marbury Movers, majority owner of Furmane Entertainment, LLC, and minority owner of Fedora Loves Enterprises, LLC. He gives back to his community by providing opportunities for economic stability to homeless families through cash, food, and clothing donations, employment opportunities in his companies, coaching, and his great love and care for the community.


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